Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is simple...

We collect information provided by visitors to our site when they request specific information or ask to join our mailing list.  The information is used for the purposes associated with our website or the opportunities advertized where the information request forms are provided.  We request information from individuals when they subscribe to order a replicated website.  We do not request payment information as we leave that up to PayPal to handle the financial transactions - we simply send our subscribers to PayPal as part of the process of setting up their replicated website, and PayPal informs us when they have paid the subscription.

As part of our support to replicated website members, we send email information with information regarding updates to our websites, information and tips for promoting their websites on the internet, and news regarding our domain.

Visitors to replicated websites are provided the opportunity to request information, and by completing the information request form they will receive an auto responder email with contact information and information regarding the specific opportunity the website is about.

We do not use information other than for the purposes supporting our members or their visitors in their specific requests that they initiate on our domain.

We do not sell, lease, loan or give away personal information to anyone.  Not a soul.

That's it - and we will appreciate your feedback if you feel we can make our policy better...

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