Q:  What is a "Replicated Website"?
A:  Website replication enables automated generation of the same core content to multiple user accounts, enabling tens, hundreds or thousands of users to each have their own version of the same basic website, with customized fields such as Name, Phone, Email or Links to other websites.  The result is a powerful website resource, with each user having their personal unique URL that displays the website with their individual custom content.

Q:  How are replicated websites used?
A:  Replicated websites are ideal for any sales team or network marketing venture where more than one person is tasked with getting the message out and where the success of the team depends upon the team's ability to quickly replicate successful activity including recruiting with online website resources.

Q:  Can each user define his or her URL?
A:  Our replicated websites enable users to specify their "usercode" which becomes part of the URL.  Additional customization can be obtained with the use of URL Forwarding so you can have any URL that you purchase forward to your replicated URL.

Q:  How long does it take each user to get set up with their own replica of the website?
A:  Creating a replicated website occurs instantly, and it is self serve, so when a member of your team is ready to create their individual replica of your website they simply need the URL where they enter their personal information and then their account is created and their website created upon transmission of their account data.  It is immediately available for them to start using and sharing with their associates and prospects.


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